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Fukui Prefecture

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Itinerary Type :
Number of Stops :
Est. Drive :
144 km / 89.5 miles - 3 hours and 7 minutes
The golf courses in this DriveJapan "itinerary" (which is not meant to be comprehensive) are listed in alphabetic order rather than in any "routing" or other order.

The helpful website "www.golf-in-japan.com" is a comprehensive guide in English to golf courses in Japan. It features detailed information on reportedly "all" 2,349 courses of eighteen-holes or more in Japan. The site also includes information on about 500 driving and practice ranges in the central Kanto, Chubu and Kansai areas with additional areas continually added. Over the years its members have rated many of the courses they have played providing a reliable all-around guide from an international players perspective.

In addition to ratings (not all courses have been rated), the site provides price ranges to play each course, the number of holes and par, the year it was established, the designer, and the address. When you click on a specific course on their site it will also provide the contact information/phone number to make a reservations, plus an access map.

Another helpful website is "www.air-golf.com/travel/before-you-go/whats-it-golf-japan." Their page on what to know before you start is very useful and well written. They also have a list of the courses in Japan but it looks almost identical to the www.golf-in-japan.com website listing.

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Itinerary Type :
Historic Sites, Tour
Number of Stops :
Est. Drive :
609 km / 378.2 miles - 9 hours and 7 minutes
Est. Site-Seeing :
Between 55 minutes and 2 hours
This itinerary visits sites associated with Sugihara Chiune (杉原 千畝,, Jan. 1, 1900 – Jul 31, 1986), the famous Japanese diplomat who, as the Vice-Consul in Kaunas, Lithuania at the beginning of WWII issued over 2,000 transit visas to mostly Polish Jews fleeing Europe, thus saving thousands as each visa was valid for an entire family. In 1985, the State of Israel honored Sugihara as one of the Righteous Among the Nations (Hebrew: חסידי אומות העולם) for his actions. He is the only Japanese national to have been so honored.

Given the total time and distance involved in this itinerary it is suggested that one break up the trip into two parts. The first part including only the Waseda and Kamakura stops, and the second part covering the rest of the stops. If convenient one could do part one, then take a train to Gifu City and rent a car there for the second part of the itinerary.

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Applicable Dates :
Only Available the 20th of May
Itinerary Type :
Number of Stops :
Est. Drive :
41 km / 25.3 miles - 46 minutes
Mikuni Festival is a lively festival held annually at Mikuni Shrine. It has passed down not only erstwhile prosperity enjoyed by Mikuni-cho, a traditional port town, but the spirit of townsfolk there. On May 20, six floats with gigantic warrior dolls as high as 6 meters parade the streets in a boisterous fashion with musical accompaniment of Japanese drums and bamboo fifes.